How To Choose A Distributor For Your Restaurant

Do you have to choose a frozen product distributor for your restaurant, but don’t know which one? Are you worried about not selecting the right one for your restaurant? Believe us! We at Restaurants King of Prussia know it can be a headache, but don’t worry, take an Ibuprofen, and help you; because we have come to make it easy for you.

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restaurant's success

In Pennsylvania, a restaurant’s success or failure can be attributed to several factors, including having quality ingredients for your dishes, your distributor’s delivery times, and each product’s prices. Quiet! Just relax

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Quality Of The Products

A satisfied customer will return to your restaurant. For this reason, the raw materials used in your kitchen must be of the highest quality. Before making a decision, make sure you are clear about what the dealer is offering you.

Although we know that quality products can raise the cost price of your dish, you will see it rewarded when your customers come back, again and again, to repeat at your restaurant.

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Cast Time

We know! In Pennsylvania, taking a restaurant to stardom is a task that requires a lot of time and effort. For this reason, someone in your position cannot afford to go from one place to another, looking for products for their kitchen in large surfaces, supermarkets, or specialized stores.



The light beads and the thick chocolate! Always ask the distributor for the price list of the products in advance. Some restaurants choose the provider that offers them the lowest price; we recommend taking these things into account.

Quality Product

The price factor is often the opposite of the quality factor; if you look for that every time, you will be receiving a poor quality product, which will be reflected in your dishes and which your customers will clearly notices.

Credit Payment

At Restaurants King of Prussia, we always negotiate with the distributor the term you have to pay; sometimes, some can defer payment to 30, 60, or even 90 days. Would this be useful for your restaurant?


Payment Methods

What form of payment is most comfortable for you? Bank transfer, credit card, cash … Before making a firm decision, you have to buy that the distributor offers you a payment method that suits your needs.

Additional Charges

Some services offered may carry an additional charge on your bill. You must make sure you understand all the terms of your contract with the dealer of your choice. Nobody wants to get surprises on their bills – except if they are discounts!